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Young Eagles

For more than 10 years we in Chapter 180 have been giving young people their very first ride in an airplane.  If you or a youngster you know wants to experience the thrill, spectacle and beauty of flying for the first time visit our Young Eagles page and find out all about how.

Welcome to
EAA Chapter 180
Sarasota/Bradenton, FL 

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Social Events

EAA180 enjoys getting together with its membership and encouraging the public to join with us in some social events to socialize about "things aviation".   After all, it is our passion for aviation that we want to share with everyone, especially youth.

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 Monthly Meeting Program


   2014-10-22  Jim Faix -

Restoring a 1956 Cessna 172 Skyhawk -

If you've ever wondered about what really is involved in the processes of restoring an airplane, by all means bring all your questions to Jim Faix's presentation.  Our meeting starts at 7:00pm in the McClure Auditorium (see lavender box on lower-right of home page for directions).  Bring your friends for what will likely be a lively discussion.
Jim has just finished restoring his 1956 Cessna 172 Skyhawk and is mighty proud of the superb results.

Answers born from his experience: 
  •   How long does it take ?
  •   Does the whole plane need to be dismantled ?
  •   How much work space is needed ?
  •   How do you remove the old paint ?
  •   What type of paint remover works best ?
  •   What kind of tools are required ?
  •   Replace or restore parts, and which ones ?
  •   Repainting the outside & Refinishing the interior: where & how ?
  •   Which is more cost effective: restore or purchase another plane?


This is your evening to join with us and ask all the questions you've always wanted answers to. 
Bring your friends for fellowship with a passion for aviation.

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Brunch-Bunch Flyers

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Young Eagles 

      From the Young Eagles coordinator:
                      October Young Eagles report

   Saturday, October 18 was EAA180's monthly Young Eagles Day.  Lou and Dawna's Pancake B'fast was delicious and well-attended.  The weather was clear without a cloud in the sky and our pilots reported good flying conditions.  
  Though a light turnout, the result was higher quality flight time for the morning's 9 Young Eagles.  Pilots Jeff Walston, Jim Faix, Larry Kraujalis, Ron Keating, and our newest YE pilot, George Dahlbeck were able to spend more quality time with these young people "making a difference." Thank you to all our volunteer pilots- Dan Skoda, too for being ready to fly, if needed. 
  Thank you to our ground personnel:  Shirley Mandarino, Tom Maxwell, Alan Cate, Mike Foust, Bailey Curtis, Frank Szachta, Richard Cheek, Scott and Lisa Becker, Ric Romanoff, Brad Smith, and Charles Geisler.  We appreciate you all!     
EAA Pilots!  Look!!   Phillips 66 is offering a $2 per gallon rebate (TWICE the standard $1 per gal. rebate) on any YE fuel purchase with your Phillips 66 Aviation personal account card!  Offer is valid 9/1 until 12/31/14.  Check the EAA site for details and rebate forms.  Come fly with us!
EAA member pilots with aircraft and ground ops personnel are always needed to assist with our Young Eagles program held every 3rd Saturday of each month.
                 Please call Chip Miller with your offer to assist the Young Eagles program.     
                                                   Join with us.  We're changing kids' lives.

EAA Chapter 180:  Active Camaraderie Ongoing for Nearly 50 Years!

Welcome to our world of aviation, and we encourage you to join with us in appreciating all the aspects of aviation.

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We’d like to meet you and have you meet us. We meet at: 
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We also get together at our social events.  See our Social Events page for more details.