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We’d Like to

Meet you

We’d like to meet you and have you meet us. We meet at: 
7:00 pm

the fourth Wednesday of every month
McClure Auditorium
Sarasota Bradenton Airport

We also get together at our social events.  See our Social Events page for more details.

Young Eagles

For more than 10 years we in Chapter 180 have been giving young people their very first ride in an airplane.  If you or a youngster you know wants to experience the thrill, spectacle and beauty of flying for the first time visit our Young Eagles page and find out all about how.

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EAA180 Young Eagles Program
Chip Miller is the Coordinator of the Young Eagles Program. 
If you are a Chapter 180 member and can help with ground or air crew,
please contact him at:
For registration and consent form please click here    

The EAA180 Young Eagles program is a vibrant group that is eager to share with others, especially with youth where the excitement, interest to learn new things and happiness is always high.  
Typically, our Chapter flies over 200 youth each year.  Over 2 million Young Eagles have now been flown since 1992 by all the EAA chapters combined.
Young Eagles flights are held on the third Saturday of each month. The program is for kids 8-17 years old and is held at Universal Flight Services, 8140 15th St E, Sarasota, FL 35243.  (Just North of Rectrix Aviation)  Please park in the parking lot North of Universal Flight Services.

               "Capt. Dan" Skoda and his crew just before pre-flighting the Cessna 172
Before taking a flight, each Young Eagle is taught about what makes an airplane fly,  the importance of always keeping an eye on the weather and safety procedures within the airplane.  The Young Eagles are taught by the pilot of the airplane about how and why to inspect an aircraft for airworthiness before each flight.  And the pilot always tries to relate to the kids on their age level.
Next the crew loads into the aircraft; watching and listening to how the pilot talks with the air traffic controllers in the tower to learn which taxiways and runway they should take for their flight.  Each plane takes flight so that the Young Eagles can see what the birds see every day when they fly around.  Then it is back to the airfield for landing and presentation of their newly-earned personal Young Eagle certificate (always exciting).
If you would like to have your child participate in the Young Eagles program, please go to the Calendar Page.  You will see that on the third Saturday of every month there is a green box with the words Young Eagles.  Select the Saturday you would like to come and double click in the green box.  This page contains very important information about the registration and release requirements.  It is necessary for the parent's / guardian's release form to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian before the Young Eagle flight begins. 
If you prefer, you can simply fill out the registration and release forms at our registration table on the morning of the event.