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New Flight Review Alternative


FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education

New Flight Review Alternative
Notice Number: NOTC4909

The WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program is pleased to announce an alternative to the standard Flight Review required by 14 CFR part 61.56.

As you know, completion of a Flight Review (or an authorized alternative) is required for every pilot every 24 calendar months. One of the areas of concern regarding a Flight Review is that the complete content is not specified, thus leaving most of the Flight Review content up to individual instructors. This creates the unique situation where no two pilots cover the same material in a Flight Review.

This WINGS activity strives to standardize the Flight Review by including three knowledge activities and three flight activities, in addition to the other elements required by 14 CFR part 61.56. Please note that this Activity is an optional alternative to the Flight Review because it completes a phase of WINGS, thus meeting the requirements of 14 CFR part 61.56(e).

To summarize the requirements of this new Activity, the instructor:

  • Confirms completion of the required online courses within the previous 90 days,
  • Completes the flight tasks as outlined,
  • Reviews the current general operating and flight rules of 14 CFR part 91, and
  • Reviewsthe pilot's operating and planning habits, local area flying practices, and cross country planning techniques and best practices

Here is the rationale for the addition of this activity to the WINGS Program.

The FAA and instructors are quick to point out that the Flight Review is not a test. There is no pass or fail criteria, although the instructor giving it can decline to endorse your logbook that a flight review has been completed. The WINGS Program, on the other hand, does require the satisfactory demonstration to PTS standards of specified maneuvers to complete a phase of WINGS. These maneuvers are explicitly required because they address primary accident causal factors.

Therefore, because the instructor conducting a "standard" Flight Review is responsible for the content, and that there are no completion standards specified, simply completing a "standard" Flight Review alone does not qualify for credit in the WINGS Program. This new activity does meet all WINGS requirements.

We invite you to explore this new alternative to the standard Flight Review by going to and searching for Activity Number A130628-01, Flight Review, under the Activities tab.

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