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We’d Like to

Meet you

We’d like to meet you and have you meet us. We meet at: 
7:00 pm

the fourth Wednesday of every month
McClure Auditorium
Sarasota Bradenton Airport

We also get together at our social events.  See our Social Events page for more details.

Young Eagles

For more than 10 years we in Chapter 180 have been giving young people their very first ride in an airplane.  If you or a youngster you know wants to experience the thrill, spectacle and beauty of flying for the first time visit our Young Eagles page and find out all about how.

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Missions & Objectives - EAA180


EAA180   Missions  and  Objectives

Mission Statement:  EAA180 advocates for aviation and public awareness-involvement, building aircraft, mentoring aircraft builders and owners, provides safety programs, membership education, and flying activities. Everyone is welcome!!


Mission Objectives:

  • Advocate for aviation and public awareness-involvement
    • Liaison with SRQ to represent EAA Chapter 180 at their monthly meetings.
    • Cultivate contacts with video, newspaper, and radio media to advocate for GA.
    • Young Eagles youth (ages 8-17) exposure to aviation including a free flight.
    • Young Eagles summer camp aviation experience for girls and boys
    • Be inclusive to adopted and foster youth in the Young Eagles program
    • Educate the general public about aviation
    • Provide aircraft experiences to the general public so that they may touch, feel, and fly in the (RARE) EAA B-17 and EAA Ford Tri-motor historic aircraft.
  • Build aircraft
    • Schedule Show-N-Tell of builder’s projects.
    • Visit aircraft manufacturers in Florida to learn their techniques.
    • Visit aircraft paint shops to evaluate “best practices”.
    • Hold workshops to show best practices for epoxy and metal fabrication, and wiring.
    • Support and mentor teenage aircraft builders
  • Mentor aircraft builders and owners
    • Encourage groups (independent of EAA180) to build aircraft.
    • Activate Tech Counseling and Flight Counseling.
    • Emphasize the importance of pilot fitness
    • Provide guidance selecting and using new FAA mandated avionics
  • Social
    • Cookouts and potluck socials in Spring and Fall.
    • Brunch-Bunch Flyers encouraging non-pilots to accompany them as guests on outings
    • Excursions (fly or drive) to Sun-N-Fun, Fantasy of Flight, aircraft manufacturers in Florida
    • Provide a dynamic and entertaining Monthly-Meeting Program including inviting outside speakers.
    • Appreciation dinner for Young Eagles pilots
    • Sponsor Pilots & ATC Social annual mingling
    • Invite home-built aircraft to our Fall Cookout & Fly-In
    • Coordinate with Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation to give rides in their Stearman biplane (and invite other bi-planes to this event) at the Jubilee Year Spring Cookout & Fly-In.
  • Safety programs
    • FAAST/Wings programs by presenting FAA created programs to educate pilots
    • Checking fuel flow and carb-heat.
    • Multiple venting of fuel tanks to prevent siphoning of fuel (features of Monarch fuel cap).
  • Fundraising to support programs
    • Link with
    • General Public flights/walk-arounds of RARE  EAA B-17 and EAA Ford Tri-motor aircraft.
    • Consignment sales posted on Chapter web-site.
    • Organize a “Try-N-Buy” fly-in for consignment sales.
    • Expand the sponsor support platform for EAA Chapter 180 Missions & Objectives and for EAA aircraft tours.
  • Recruit new members
    • Prospect for SnowBirds and local resident pilots.
    • Recruit with posters at surrounding airports.
    • Recruit from EAA National membership roster.
    • Utilize social media (Social Flight and Meet-UP) to reach new markets of aviation enthusiasts.
  • Flying
    • Brunch-Bunch Fliers encouraging non-pilots to accompany them as guests on outings.
    • Pilot proficiency events.
    • Training to optimize flight altitudes, and tips for flying into non-towered airports.
  • Membership education
    • Preparation for making “First Flight” in homebuilts.
    • Education and  compliance with FAA policy of dual pilots on first flights.
    • Cooper-Harper scale testing methods for ergonomic flight-control handling.
    • Proficient-efficient piloting.
    • Optimal transitioning to Glass panel from steam gauge avionics.
    • Flying with icing conditions.
  • Membership active involvement
    • Strive to have each member volunteer to voice her/his ideas and actively participate in the direction and improvement of our Chapter.
    • Make job functions available for members to be Coordinators of Core Objectives



Approved by the EAA180 Board of Directors